Laundry Pro 2.0®

Doing your laundry without detergent or bleach and getting cleaner than ever seems counter-intuitive, right? Turns out your laundry has been hiding something from you. It’s not as clean as you think. Detergents leave fragrance behind, making you think your clothes are clean, but it doesn’t remove mold and bacteria.

Laundry Pro 2.0® cleans your clothes using only cold water and no detergents. The power of revolutionary ActivePure® Technology combines the cleaning action of water with hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizers to gently lift dirt from fabric fibers. The results are dramatic, with whiter whites, brighter colors, and no detergent residue to irritate your skin and shorten the life of your fabrics. ActivePure® is Certified Space Technology that evolved from technology developed for use on the International Space Station. This incredible technology generates an electrolysis process that makes water act as a peroxide that lifts out dirt, odors, stains, and allergens, leaving your clothes feeling cleaner and softer than you’ve ever seen before.

Laundry Pro 2.0® Advantages:

  • Made in the USA – Unlike lower-cost competitors, Laundry Pro 2.0® is made in America. Most cheaper knockoffs are made in China and designed to be like the now-obsolete, first generation Laundry Pro unit that launched the soap-free industry. The Laundry Pro 2.0® has made numerous improvements to design and function to ensure the best performance.
  • Money-saving and eco-friendly – Laundry Pro 2.0® eliminates the need for hot water and detergents. A family of four can save up to $470 a year. And without all those detergent bottles to throw away, Laundry Pro 2.0® is better for our planet.
  • Soothes sensitive skin – Eliminating detergent relieves allergic reactions to detergents and helps eliminate redness and itching.
  • Softer clothes and towels – Laundry Pro 2.0® gently removes old detergent out of fibers to help restore their natural softness.
  • Longer clothing life – Detergent accumulates in fibers, weighing them down and shortening their life. Laundry Pro 2.0® gently removes detergent from fibers.
  • Whiter whites and brighter colors – The cleansing power of water combined with ActivePure technology keeps clothes looking clean and new.
  • Mix white and dark clothes in one load – A patented, hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizing water process eliminates the need for separate loads, saving both time and money.
  • Zero maintenance – Laundry Pro 2.0® requires no cleaning or maintenance. Just attach it to your washer and it does its job!
  • Safely removes bacteria without bleach – The cleansing power of ActivePure® keeps clothes clean and fresh.

The Cost of Clean

The EPA and US Department of Energy estimate the average American family of four does around 392 loads of laundry each year. Each load costs $1.12 to $1.49, including detergent, hot water, bleach, softener, and energy costs. This results in costs approaching $585.

Remove the need for hot water, and the price can be lowered to about $123 annually – a savings of $462. Next, eliminate the cost of detergent and bleach, and the costs come down even more. It’s easy to see how Laundry Pro 2.0® can pay for itself in a very short time.

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