Laundry Pro 2.0®

Landry Pro 2.0®

“I just LOVE doing laundry,” said no one, ever!

Doing laundry is one of those never-ending chores of everyday life. It takes up more than just your time; it takes your money, too! Throw in the cost of detergent, bleach, fabric softeners, and hot water, and you’re probably spending close to $500 a year. Now take into account the cost to our planet for the waste water and all the detergent containers and packaging piling up in landfills – it’s not pretty.

Do you find yourself wishing there could be a better way? Wish no more! Aerus® Laundry Pro 2.0® revolutionizes the way you do your laundry by eliminating detergents, hot water, bleach and softeners. Think of what you can do with the $500 you’ll be saving!

Using ActivePure® Certified Space Technology, Laundry Pro 2.0® can restore your clothes to their original beauty by lifting and eliminating old detergent residue from fibers. A fringe benefit is once these chemicals are gone, many people are reporting relief from itchy skin and rashes that used to plague them. An added bonus: Laundry Pro 2.0® is designed and made in the USA.

How Laundry Pro 2.0® Works

Attached to your washing machine with standard hoses, Laundry Pro 2.0® has a power supply separate from the washer. This uses very little energy, and you come out way ahead financially with all the other savings.

While your clothes are being washed in cold water, Laundry Pro 2.0 draws the water through the ActivePure® honeycomb matrix, releasing potent oxidizers. Oxygen, peroxides and gas bubbles lift away dirt, odors, and old detergent residues, making your clothes cleaner and softer than ever before.

Put simply, Laundry Pro 2.0® uses the power of hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizers to remove dirt and odor-causing bacteria without the need for detergents or bleach. Eliminating the abrasive scrubbing of detergents and the residue they leave behind means your clothes will be cleaner, brighter, and last longer without fading, with the additional benefit of removing residual chemicals and fragrances that can irritate sensitive skin.


No need for detergent, bleach, or softeners – ActivePure® technology uses only cold water to lift away dirt, odors, and old detergent residue
No maintenance – Just hook it up, plug it in, and let it do its work
Soothes sensitive skin – helps eliminate redness and itching from detergent residue and chemicals that cling to clothing
Brilliant whites, brighter colors – Laundry Pro 2.0’s® hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizers keep clothes looking their best and smelling fresh
Eco-friendly – saves energy with cold water only and eliminates keeps detergent packaging out of landfills
Made in the USA – purchase of Laundry Pro 2.0® supports American jobs and American industry
Easily installed by our technicians – no additional plumbing service is required
Saves time and money – no more running to the store to buy laundry supplies; no need to separate colors and whites into separate loads
Long-term advantage – eliminating detergents and chemicals may extend the life of your washing machine

Don’t just take our word for it. Try Laundry Pro 2® for yourself and experience just how fresh, clean, and bright your clothes can be using nothing but cold water.

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